Hilary started her training in April 2017 at the International Boatbuilding Training College, on a 3 month joinery course with Ian Cook. After a short time she was excited to realise that working with wood was going to be a big part of her future as she is both practical and creative. Showing such enthusiasm and promise she was delighted to be offered a bursary from IBTC to complete the full year Boat Building Course, and during the year she was also granted a financial award from the Oxford University Marine Technology Trust for her commitment.


Hilary progressed greatly on the course achieving distinctions for her work. She particularly enjoyed the more challenging and creative parts of the course: for example she designed and made a rudder and tiller for a Columbian dinghy which had no specific plans. Hilary also enjoyed learning a range of techniques such as steam bending timber and wood carving. The skills Hilary acquired have given her a great sense of freedom and confidence in her work and she is excited about her future.


Hilary loves to work in a team of like minded people and to promote a fun and productive work environment; her aim is to keep learning with other experienced craftspeople and to enjoy the variety of opportunities in woodworking.

Hilary would love to hear about any projects or ideas in the pipeline. Contact Hilary